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Press Releases

July 28, 2016 in Press

Haunting NEW VIDEO: Trump is Too Dangerous to Receive National Security Briefings

Petition urging Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to Withhold Briefings Catches Fire CREDO Action has just released a hard-hitting one minute video making the case that Donald Trump should…

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July 21, 2016 in Press

CREDO: Ailes’ departure alone won’t fix Fox’s culture of sexism

CREDO released the statement below in response to the news that Roger Ailes has stepped down as CEO of Fox News following allegations of sexual harassment: “Roger Ailes’ departure is…

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July 21, 2016 in Press

STATEMENT: CREDO praises NBA for taking a stand against LGBT discrimination

CREDO released the statement below in response to reports that the NBA is moving the 2017 All-Star game out of North Carolina due to the state’s discriminatory law targeting the…

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In the News

August 25, 2016 in In the news

NBC NEWS: Progressives Push Clinton to Oppose Lame Duck TPP Vote

It remains to be seen how vocal her opposition will be during a lame duck fight, when many Democrats in Congress may be looking to her for guidance. That’s why progressives are already gearing up to push Clinton. On Thursday, a coalition of liberal groups plan to deliver a letter, signed by tens of thousands supporters, asking Clinton to come out against any vote on TPP during the lame duck session of Congress.

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August 10, 2016 in In the news

BUZZFEED: Activist Groups Urge Clinton To Publicly Oppose Lame-Duck TPP Vote

“A personal and public statement from Secretary Clinton in opposition to a lame duck vote would provide huge momentum in the fight to stop the TPP once and for all,” said CREDO’s political director Murshed Zaheed.

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August 10, 2016 in In the news

THE HILL: Progressives pressure Clinton on TPP ahead of economic speech

On Wednesday, the grassroots liberal groups Democracy for America and CREDO will begin circulating petitions urging Clinton to go further by making a public statement “urging the White House and Democratic congressional leadership to oppose any vote on the TPP, especially during the post-election lame duck session of Congress.”

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