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July 20, 2017 in Press

CREDO blasts Senate Dems for supporting FBI nominee Wray

CREDO released the statement below following Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously supporting the confirmation of FBI Director nominee Christopher Wray: “Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee just failed…

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July 13, 2017 in Press

100,000+ sign petition urging Golden State Warriors not to visit Trump’s White House

Petition campaign backed by online video and micro-targeted digital ad campaign July 13, 2017 – More than 100,000 people have signed CREDO’s petition demanding that the Golden State Warriors “publicly…

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June 27, 2017 in Press

CREDO Statement on Trumpcare Delay

“This is a key win in a long fight,” said CREDO Political Director Murshed Zaheed. The momentum in the fight over health care in the United States is on the side of  the anti-Trump resistance,” Zaheed continued. “The fact is, Trumpcare is a nightmare for Americans families now, and it will still be a nightmare after the July 4 recess.”

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In the News

July 19, 2017 in In the news

REWIRE: McConnell Seeks to Shame Wayward Senators With Repeal Vote

“Repealing Obamacare outright as Republicans now hope to do would steal health care from tens of millions of Americans,” CREDO Political Director Murshed Zaheed told Rewire Tuesday night. “Activists must remain vigilant to ensure that Trumpcare or any other bill that would take away Americans’ health care does not move forward.”

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July 18, 2017 in In the news

CNET: Court rules FBI can continue to request data in secret

“We are disappointed in the Ninth Circuit’s decision and are considering our options for next steps,” CREDO CEO Ray Morris said in a statement. “At CREDO, we know what an uphill battle challenging these gag orders can be and feel that the court missed an opportunity to protect the First Amendment rights of companies that want to speak out in the future.”

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June 27, 2017 in In the news

WASHINGTON POST: Trump, Senate leaders attempt to regroup after postponing vote to overhaul Obamacare

CREDO Action, which had organized 45,000 phone calls to Senate offices, planned to increase that number when senators went home.

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