CREDO Applauds Leader Pelosi for Opposing Fast Track

By February 12, 2014 No Comments

Following the news that Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has come out publicly against fast track, CREDO, a national progressive organization that has been working to stop fast track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Congress, reacted to the news:

“Nancy Pelosi has proven once again that she’s the best leader in the House that Democrats have had in a generation,” said Becky Bond, CREDO’s Political Director and one of Nancy Pelosi’s constituents. “With the top Democrats in the House and the Senate now in our corner, momentum is clearly with those opposing fast track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

CREDO has been a major source of grassroots opposition to fast track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. After Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid came out against fast track, CREDO and Democracy for America worked together to pressure Nancy Pelosi to follow suit. Here are a few stats on CREDO’s activism on the issue:

  • CREDO members reported making 2,227 calls to Leader Pelosi’s office.
  • In total, CREDO members have reported making more than 10,000 calls to members of Congress urging them to oppose fast track.
  • More than 183,000 CREDO and DFA members have signed a petition to Leader Pelosi urging her to oppose the Baucus-Camp fast track bill.

Read CREDO’s petition here: