CREDO Statement on Hobby Lobby

By June 30, 2014 No Comments

FYI – Following the Supreme Court’s ruling giving corporations permission to discriminate against female employees and block their access to birth control, CREDO, a progressive group reacted to the news:

“It’s a sad day when the U.S. moves backwards on an issue as fundamental as allowing women access to birth control,” said Becky Bond, CREDO’s Political Director. “How is it that the right-wing majority on the Supreme Court can declare corporations are people but when it comes to women and our right to control our own bodies we are somehow deemed less than human and certainly not treated as equal under the law?”

The Supreme Court also ruled last week in McCullen v. Coakley that the 35-foot buffer zone around a Massachusetts women’s health clinic is unconstitutional. The decision takes away an essential protection for women and doctors subjected to invasive, mean-spirited, and sometimes violent protestors as they try to access and provide medical care.

ABOUT: CREDO is a national progressive organization with 3.5 million members nationwide, sending millions of petition signatures and over 100,000 calls to decision-makers each year. CREDO members also participate in meetings, protests and other direct action for progressive change.