Eden Foods and Hobby Lobby: Go Local

They’re the Hobby Lobby of the organic food aisle!

Progressives might not have much leverage against a company like Hobby Lobby, but our power to impact Eden Foods is strong.

In just the last few days, over 100,000 CREDO activists have pledged not to buy Eden Foods’ products until Eden stops its attack on women’s health.

Even more exciting — people are taking action against Eden locally, in person, at neighborhood grocery stores.

CREDO member Julie in California emailed:

I emailed my grocery store and Eden foods, returned my cans and posted the boycott letter on the grocery store bulletin board and will now e-mail my friends. The customer service people at my grocery store are meeting with Eden Foods Rep today. They will not stop carrying the products but were super supportive, and encouraged me to vote with my dollar.

We know that Eden is paying attention to consumer outrage. These in-person actions are a powerful way to increase the pressure on a major player in the war on women.

Can you join Julie and take our message to your local grocery store? If enough of us speak out our local grocery stores and Eden Foods will have to pay attention. We’ve got some tools to help make it easy, whether you’ve got Eden products on your shelves at home or not.

mountain of cans 1) If you have Eden products at home, pull them out and label them with our easy-to-print sticker. They’re going to look like this (thanks to Julie for the awesome photo!):

Eden Foods products include Edensoy soy milk, Eden canned beans, Eden juices, and a host of other organic foods. For a full list of Eden products visit:

[If you don’t have Eden products at home, you can skip down to step 2.]

Here’s the link to the stickers:

They are sized to fit easy-to-purchase Avery 22806 2″ square sheets. If you don’t have access to sticker labels, just print them out and tape or glue them on. You can also draw your own.

2) Find a local grocery store that carries Eden products. For a listing of stores in your area that carry Eden Foods products visit:

3) Print out this letter to take to the grocery store — or write your own.

The letter explains why you’re not buying Eden Foods, and encourages the store to stop endorsing Eden’s anti-woman views by stocking their products.

4) Head to the store. Go to the grocery store’s customer service counter and let the employee there know that you’re concerned about Eden’s attacks on women’s health, and that you want them to stop carrying Eden products. If you have stickered items, now’s the time to ask for your money back, or ask to exchange your Eden products for similar items made by a different company. If they won’t offer you a refund or exchange, simply give your products back.

5) Let us know what happened! Part of the power of this campaign is being able to amplify each person’s action. Email us at to let us know how it went to visit your local store. If you can send the name and address of the store, and send a picture of your stickered Eden items, even better!

For example, here’s an awesome photo CREDO member Amy sent us that we shared on our facebook page!

Eden cans with labels

6) Share! The more you encourage your friends to join this campaign, the better. And the more you can do it on social media, the more it ramps up the pressure on Eden.

For more information about Eden Foods and Hobby Lobby, read the email below. Thanks for everything you’re doing to stand up for women’s rights.