CREDO Releases Latest Transparency Report Detailing Governmental Requests for Customer Information

By October 8, 2014 No Comments

San Francisco, CA – CREDO, America’s only progressive phone company, released its latest transparency report detailing the number of governmental requests it has received to turn over customer information. CREDO was the first telecom carrier to release a transparency report after the revelations were made public about the NSA’s dragnet that collects information about the phone calls, emails and other communications of virtually all Americans.

CREDO, a fierce defender of civil liberties, has also been a vocal opponent of the latest Senate version of the USA Freedom Act. Under the guise of reform, the USA Freedom Act would effectively reauthorize the Patriot Act for two and a half years, legalize current surveillance activities and grant immunity to corporations that collaborate to violate privacy rights.

Read CREDO’s quarterly transparency report for the months of July, August and September here:

“Telecoms like CREDO have a responsibility to stand up for our customers’ constitutional rights to privacy and free speech, especially in times like these of massive government overreach,” said Michael Kieschnick, CEO of CREDO. “CREDO strongly believes that our customers, and indeed all Americans, have the right to know when the government requests access to their information or communications — especially when they do so without a warrant or when their target has been accused of no crime.”

It may not be possible for CREDO (or any telecom carrier) to release to the public a full transparency report, as the USA PATRIOT Act and other statutes give law enforcement the ability to prevent companies from disclosing whether or not they have received certain orders, such as National Security Letters (NSLs) and Section 215 orders seeking customer information. CREDO publicly advocates for the repeal of such statutes that fail to adequately protect the due process rights of its subscribers.


CREDO is a U.S. telecommunications company based in California and has a long history of defending civil liberties and fighting against abuses of power that threaten Americans’ constitutional rights to privacy. CREDO is a committed funder of civil liberties groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, Demand Progress, Center for Constitutional Rights and Electronic Frontier Foundation.