Iran: Senator Menendez BLINKS Under Pressure

By January 27, 2015 No Comments

CREDO responds to Democratic war hawks’ decision
to delay vote on new Iran sanctions

In response to the letter from Senator Robert Menendez and nine other Senate Democrats to the White House saying that they won’t vote on new Iran sanctions until after March 24, CREDO, a progressive group working to support President Obama’s diplomacy with Iran, issued the following statement:

“Senator Menendez and the rest of the Democratic warmonger caucus just blinked,” said Zack Malitz, Campaign Manager at CREDO, adding “their decision to delay a vote on new, diplomacy-killing sanctions shows that pressure from progressive activists and the White House is working.”

Malitz continued, “However, it’s deeply disturbing that Democratic war hawks are continuing to issue ultimatums that will only serve to limit the flexibility of our negotiators and make a final deal more difficult to achieve. CREDO will continue to hold accountable any Democrat who threatens to scuttle negotiations with new sanctions and put us back on the path to confrontation and war.”


44,000 CREDO ACTIVISTS DEMAND THAT SENATOR MENENDEZ STOPS WARMONGERING ON IRAN: Last week, in response to Senator Robert Menendez’s push for new sanctions on Iran, and to his bizarre, unhinged suggestion that the Obama administration’s talking points were coming “straight out of Tehran,” CREDO launched a petition telling Senator Menendez to stop warmongering on Iran. So far, the petition has more than 44,000 signatures and continues to grow.

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