Van Hollen must draw a line in the sand and oppose Social Security benefit cuts

By March 5, 2015 No Comments

In response to Congressman Chris Van Hollen’s announcement that he intends to run for the open Senate seat in Maryland in 2016, CREDO Action released the following statement:

“Voters in Maryland deserve to know exactly where Congressman Van Hollen stands on Social Security and Medicare,” said Becky Bond, CREDO’s political director, adding, “Van Hollen needs to draw a line in the sand and make it clear that he will vote against any bill that cuts Social Security or Medicare benefits.”


Just three years ago Congressman Van Hollen indicated his willingness to cut Social Security benefits and raise the Medicare eligibility age. Despite calls to do so by his Congressional constituents, Van Hollen has not yet unequivocally stated that he would vote no on any deal that would cut Social Security or Medicare benefits.

CREDO has played a leading role in the fight to stop any cuts to Social Security and expand the program. Here are some highlights of CREDO’s work on Social Security so far in 2015:

200,000 ACTIVISTS TO BOEHNER: NO CUTS TO SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS: In response to House Republicans’ January rule change that stops the routine reallocation of Social Security payroll tax income from the old-age program to the disability program, more than 200,000 CREDO activists signed a rapid response petition telling Speaker Boehner and House Republicans not to use the rule change to force benefit cuts.

175,000 CREDO ACTIVISTS CONDEMN RAND PAUL’S ATTACK ON SOCIAL SECURITY: When Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said that a majority of people who receive Social Security disability benefits are “gaming the system,” CREDO activists fought back. More than 175,000 activists nationwide signed our petition telling Senator Paul to “stop attacking disabled Americans and keep [his] hands off of Social Security.”

115,000 ACTIVISTS URGE CONGRESS TO EXPAND SOCIAL SECURITY: CREDO activists are now going on offense, with more than 115,000 signing a petition in recent days telling Congress to expand Social Security benefits.

CREDO DONATION TO SOCIAL SECURITY WORKS IN MARCH 2015: As part of its innovative model for funding progressive non-profit organizations, CREDO Mobile will be donating a percentage of its March 2015 revenue to Social Security Works, a leading organization in the fight to preserve and expand Social Security. Learn more about CREDO’s donations program.

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