Urge your senators to oppose reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act

Show your opposition to the PATRIOT Act by hand delivering a letter in person at your senators’ offices urging them to vote to let the PATRIOT Act expire.

Follow the steps below – and make sure to report back to us at the end about how it goes.

If you can’t make it to your senators’ offices, you can also click here to make a phone call instead:

Step 1: Print the letter

Click here to read and print the letter:

If you’d like to customize the letter, click here to download it as an editable Word document:

You should also review your senators’ recent votes on PATRIOT Act reauthorization. Last weekend, each senator voted on two bills: The USA FREEDOM Act (a fake-reform bill so weak that it’s supported by our surveillance agencies) and a two-month “clean” reauthorization bill. A vote in favor of either bill was a bad vote to continue mass surveillance.

You can review the votes on the USA FREEDOM Act here:

You can review the votes on clean reauthorization here:

Step 2: Find your senators’ nearest offices

Go to this website, then click through to the website of each of your senators:

Your senators’ websites will list the address of each of their in-state offices, most likely on the contact page.

Step 3: Call and confirm that the offices are open, then deliver the letter

The Senate returns to Washington, D.C., to vote on PATRIOT Act reauthorization on Sunday, May 31, so you must deliver the letter before then.

Before you go to the office to hand deliver the letter, call ahead and confirm that the office is open.

When you deliver the letter, you should also ask if a staff member is available to discuss your concerns about the PATRIOT Act. If someone is available, take a few minutes to meet with them and explain why any bill that reauthorizes the PATRIOT Act – including the USA FREEDOM Act – is a dangerous violation of our civil liberties.

Step 4: Report back

Email us at and let us know how it went (include a picture!), or fill out the form below.