#WarmongerChuck backpedals under pressure

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Schumer feels the heat of 200,000+ CREDO activists
urging him not to lead Senate Dems into war

FYI – More than 200,000 people have now signed a CREDO Action petition telling Senator Chuck Schumer not to lead Senate Democrats into war with Iran.

SCHUMER IN FULL DAMAGE CONTROL MODE: In his August 6 statement announcing his opposition to the deal, Senator Schumer said he would try to persuade his colleagues to vote against the deal (“I will certainly share my view and try to persuade them that the vote to disapprove is the right one” 8.6.15). But after coming under fire from progressive activists for the past week, reports now indicate that he is calling other Senators to assure them that he will not be whipping opposition to the deal.


“Senator Schumer is clearly feeling the pressure of a massive backlash against his pro-war position on the Iran peace deal. Just days ago Senator Schumer announced he would try to persuade fellow Democrats to oppose the Iran deal, but now he’s backpedaling by calling Democratic Senators to assure them he won’t.

So far, Sen. Schumer is the only Democrat in the Senate on record as joining with Republicans to try and kill the Iran deal. With Sen. Schumer now backing off his initial announcement that he would try and whip Democratic votes against the deal, it’s clear that pressure from progressive activists is making a difference. As a result of his disastrous decision to side with pro-war Republicans, Senator Schumer may not only lose the vote on the Iran deal, he may also face serious questions when it comes time for the vote to succeed Harry Reid as the next leader of Senate Democrats.”

NEW YORK’S PROGRESSIVE CHAMPIONS SUPPORT THE DEAL: In contrast to Senator Schumer, progressive champions in New York like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter support the deal. Senator Gillibrand wisely noted that last week “if we reject this deal, we do not have a viable alternative for preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.” Congresswoman Louise Slaughter made a similar point in a statement Wednesday, arguing that “this is the most responsible action that the United States and the international community can take to achieve our goal of ensuring that Iran is unable to build a nuclear weapon.”

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