CREDO Statement on Califf confirmation vote

By February 22, 2016 No Comments

CREDO Action released the statement below in response to today’s cloture vote on the confirmation of Dr. Robert Califf as FDA Commissioner:

We need a strong watchdog willing to stand up to Big Pharma and crack down on exorbitant prescription drug prices, not an industry insider with extensive ties to the very companies he’s supposed to oversee,” said CREDO’s Acting Political Director Murshed Zaheed. “We can only hope Dr. Califf will fight for American families instead of protecting the profits of the pharmaceutical industry,” Zaheed continued.

In case you missed it earlier, here’s what CREDO activists have done to build opposition to Dr. Califf’s confirmation in the Senate:

185,000+ URGED SENATE TO OPPOSE DR. CALIFF’S CONFIRMATION: More than 185,000 CREDO activists have signed a petition urging the Senate to oppose Dr. Califf’s confirmation. “At a time of rising prescription drug prices and safety risks we need a champion for American families, not an insider so closely tied to the pharmaceutical industry,” the petition argued. View the full petition here:

11,500+ PHONE CALLS TO HELP COMMITTEE MEMBERS AGAINST DR. CALIFF’S CONFIRMATION: CREDO activists made more than 11,500 phone calls to members of the Senate, Committee on Health, Education Labor, and Pensions in opposition urging Senators to “stand with American families, not Big Pharma, and oppose Dr. Califf’s nomination.” View the full call script here: