CREDO: Offshore drilling is incompatible with President Obama’s climate commitments

By March 15, 2016 No Comments

FYI – CREDO released the following statement in response to reports that the Interior Department plans to hold lease sales for new oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico:

President Obama has spared the people of the Atlantic coast from another oil catastrophe, but in allowing new drilling in the Gulf and Arctic, he’s keeping all of us on course for climate catastrophe,” said CREDO Climate Campaigns Director Elijah Zarlin. “Any new offshore drilling is incompatible with a stable future and it is incompatible with the commitments that President Obama has made,” continued Zarlin. “There is no excuse for any new offshore drilling and it is long past time for President Obama to draw a line to keep all oil, gas and coal on federal lands in the ground.”

In the past two weeks more than 65,000 CREDO activists have signed a petition urging the Interior Department and President Obama not to open our oceans to new offshore drilling. The petition reads: “New offshore drilling endangers our coasts and makes global warming worse. Don’t allow new offshore oil drilling in the Atlantic, Arctic, Gulf of Mexico, or anywhere else.”


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