100+ State Legislators and Local Elected Officials Denounce Trump’s Muslim Ban

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Elected officials signed open letter to Pres. Trump:
“There is no room for the politics of hate and fear in our communities.”

SAN FRANCISCO – CREDO announced today that 114 state legislators and local elected officials have signed an open letter calling on Trump to rescind his Muslim ban executive order.

The open letter – which can be found here – reads:

“As state and local elected officials, we, the undersigned, believe that there is no room for the politics of hate and fear in our communities. We are writing to you to express our deep concern regarding your recent executive order directed at the immigration system in the United States as well as refugees and visitors to this country. This order not only jeopardizes tens of thousands of lives, but it also spreads racism, xenophobia and fear among our communities. We call upon you to rescind your executive order.”
Signers of the letter include:

  • Elected officials representing 33 states
  • 85 Democrats, 6 Republicans, 17 Independents and 6 members of other parties.
  • Minnesota House of Representatives Minority Leader Melissa Hortman and Arizona House of Representatives Minority Leader Rebecca Rios.

A full list of signers is available upon request.

In addition to the open letter, CREDO’s petition calling on Congress to pass legislation to rescind Trump’s Muslim ban has been signed by more than 265,000 people. The petition reads: “Support legislation to stop Donald Trump’s unconstitutional and anti-Muslim attack on refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.”


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