500,000+ Sign Sen. Merkley’s Petition Demanding Special Prosecutor to Probe Trump’s Ties to Russia

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For Immediate Release: Friday March 3, 2017

Josh Nelson,
Brian Stewart,

CREDO and petitions launched by Sen. Jeff Merkley

More than 550,000 people have signed petitions started by Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) demanding that Attorney General Jeff Sessions appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. The petitions were launched before news broke Wednesday evening that then-Sen. Sessions lied under oath about communications he had with Russian officials during the presidential campaign.

CREDO’s petition can be found here:’s petition can be found here:

Sen. Merkley’s petition can be found here:

“Attorney General Sessions, under oath, misled Congress about his conversations with Russia. He should resign,” Sen. Jeff Merkley said. “And we should heed the calls of hundreds of thousands of Americans who want our government to get to the bottom of this,” Sen. Merkley continued. “It’s time to end this cover up and get the truth out about Donald Trump’s involvement with Russia,” he added. “Today, it’s clearer than ever that to get to the truth, we need a fully empowered, totally independent special prosecutor.”

“It’s long past time for the Trump administration to stop stonewalling and allow a truly independent investigation of its inappropriate ties to the Russian government to move forward,” CREDO Political Director Murshed Zaheed said. “Sessions’ recusal is totally insufficient,” he continued. “Sessions must resign now and his successor should quickly appoint a special prosecutor who can conduct the independent investigation this situation warrants.”

“Jeff Sessions lied under oath to Congress, and he must resign,” Jo Comerford, campaign director for said. “The only way for citizens to be able to trust that our government can act with integrity is for Attorney General Sessions to resign his post immediately and for his successor to appoint a special prosecutor to begin a comprehensive investigation of Donald Trump, his campaign, and his administration. Anything short of that is flatly unacceptable and puts our country’s security and our free and fair elections at grave risk.”


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