WINNING TOGETHER We are millions of people taking action for progressive change

CREDO Mobilize was a people-powered platform that allowed activists to start and run their own campaigns with tools and resources from CREDO Action. From 2013-2018, activists launched more than 6,000 petitions that racked up an astounding 16,539,099 petition signatures. In total, more than 2.7 million people took action for progressive change through CREDO Mobilize.

Over the years, activists won more than 50 campaigns using CREDO Mobilize. From fighting for women’s rights and protecting the environment to holding Republicans accountable and raising the minimum wage, campaigns fought and won on CREDO Mobilize touched millions of lives.

Along the way, some of the most progressive U.S. Senators like Bernie Sanders, Tammy Baldwin and Jeff Merkley, started their own petitions on CREDO Mobilize. Progressive members of the U.S. House like Reps. Barbara Lee, Louise Slaughter, Earl Blumenauer, Chellie Pingree, Raul Grijalva, Keith Ellison, Mark Takano, Jim McGovern and Mike Honda, got in on the act, too. Celebrities like Van Jones and Tom Colicchio, as well as progressive leaders like Shannon Watts, Alex Lawson, Stephen Miles and Frank Clemente, joined in and used the platform to advance their campaigns.

Petitions launched on CREDO Mobilize were covered by some of the largest and most prominent media outlets in the country. From the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times to the Today Show and MTV, CREDO Mobilize campaigns garnered widespread press attention time-and-time again.

Thank you to everyone who created or signed a CREDO Mobilize petition. We are grateful to be with you in this movement for progressive change.

If you’re looking for ways to take action to fight for progressive change, please visit If you found this page because you would like to create a progressive petition, we recommend doing so at

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