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Have you had trouble finding our emails in your inbox?  Some of our members who use Gmail.com email addresses have recently reported having trouble finding our emails.

Due to a change in how Gmail handles incoming mail, some of our emails are being automatically directed to your “Promotions” tab, rather than your “Primary” tab where mail is more easily seen.

Follow these instructions now to ensure that you see CREDO’s emails about ways you can stay involved in fighting for progressive change:

gmail priority inbox animated gif instructions

Once you make this simple change, our emails will arrive in your “Primary” tab where you can find it more easily.

Thanks so much for all you do!

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Together, CREDO members fight for positive change that makes progress possible.
From resisting Trump to pushing Democrats to be bold, CREDO members lead on the issues that matter.
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Progressive change isn’t possible without the amazing work of all the groups fighting for:
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That’s why throughout 2018, CREDO Action members voted on which progressive organizations we should donate over $86 million to.
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