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Sorry about the confusion you’re experiencing with this email. This is a new automated email we’re using to help increase the number of signatures on our petitions, by reminding folks who may have started signing – but didn’t complete the process – to add their name. The more people we can add to our petitions, the more impactful they are when we deliver them to lawmakers and people in power.

We’ve heard from some members that they are signing petitions but still getting this reminder email. When we’ve investigated why this might be happening, we’re noticing a pattern: These members, possibly like you, are receiving email at one address but signing with another. For example, maybe you received our petition email at, but then signed the petition using the address

Our system doesn’t have any way of knowing that these email addresses belong to the same person. You may not even be aware that you’re signing at a different address than you’re receiving the mail at. One quick and easy way to check:

1. Open the email you received from us reminding you to sign the petition
2. Click the “Forward” button in your email program
3. Scroll down until you see something that looks like “—–Forwarded Message——”
4. You should see information like “From:”, “To:”, “Subject:” and “Date:” at the top of this forwarded message

Whatever’s in the “To:” field is the address we’re sending email to that you’re receiving it at. Please look carefully – even the difference of a period in the part before the @ symbol can make a difference.

If you’ve found that the address you’re receiving email at is different than the one you’re signing with, you can rectify this by going to our unsubscribe page and putting in the address you want to remove from our list.

Thank you for your activism!

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