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WINNING TOGETHER We are millions of people taking action for progressive change

CREDO Action organizes for progressive change. We mobilize our millions of activists to speak out and pressure decision-makers from the local to the national levels. From relentlessly defending reproductive freedom, civil rights, LGBTQ equality and our environment to fixing our broken democracy and fighting for an economy that works for everyone, CREDO empowers activists to work for the change we want to see, not what we are told we can achieve by the mainstream political establishment.

We are the advocacy arm of CREDO, a for-profit social change organization that offers products – like CREDO Mobile and CREDO Energy – to fund our activism and support dozens of progressive organizations each year, including Planned Parenthood, Color Of Change, Electronic Frontier Foundation, National Domestic Workers Alliance and 350.org.

In the Trump era, we are more committed than ever to protect the communities he is attacking, delegitimize his corrupt, bigoted regime, obstruct his dangerous agenda, and promote strong progressive alternatives to both the toxic Republican Party platform and Democratic Party compromise and cowardice.


CREDO campaign managers design, implement and manage strategic campaigns that help our members play offense and defense in service of progressive goals. Whether the campaign is rapid response or something longer term, it always has a strong theory of change and often provides our members with opportunities to engage in deeper levels of activism beyond signing petitions.

The CREDO campaigns team is small but works on the full range of progressive issues at the national, state and local level. Campaign managers are responsible for keeping track of the news and political landscape to identify campaign opportunities and insert left-flank narratives into media stories and political debate. They also build and maintain strong relationships with allies to ensure that campaigns are strategic, timely and positioned to support and amplify frontline work. Campaign managers also help recommend and select groups for the CREDO Donations program, which grants $150,000 each month to progressive nonprofits.

Trump and his enablers are attacking every progressive value, but we know that the racism, misogyny and bigotry at the core of Trump and Republicans’ agenda especially threatens people of color, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and women. We especially encourage people from those communities to apply for this job because we believe CREDO’s platform provides a powerful tool to defend ourselves, our loved ones and our core values. We also believe that a diverse team and an inclusive team culture help us strategize, organize and partner in ways that embrace the intersectional nature of our work, push back on the institutional oppression that exists within the progressive movement and help us achieve the kind of equitable movement and world we want.

This position is full time, exempt, and reports to CREDO Action Co-Director Heidi Hess. The position is in CREDO’s San Francisco office, where more than half our team works. We will consider remote employment for highly qualified candidates.


  • Has at least 3 years experience as an organizer, digital campaigner or activist (or 3 years of other relevant experience you think makes you a great fit) and can use a range of tactics to amplify and win campaigns
  • Is a great writer and communicator and can quickly adapt to new writing styles/voices
  • Can balance many projects and priorities efficiently and produce high quality work on short timelines
  • Is plugged into the political news cycle and knowledgeable about progressive issues, with at least one area of deep content expertise (would help if it fills current capacity gaps in women’s rights, racial justice, LGBTQ and peace/foreign policy campaigning, but open to other experience as well)


  • Experience sending to a large email list (100,000+ subscribers)
  • Experience working with our core tools, including Action Kit, WordPress, Action Network and some experience working with HTML
  • Ability to learn new tech tools/platforms and apply them to organizing
  • Experience leading protests and/or participating in direct action


  • Cares deeply about making progressive change and ensuring that our members are engaged and compelled to take action
  • Has no qualms about standing up to power and members of the political establishment, including Democrats and the Democratic Party when they compromise the core principles of the progressive base
  • Is flexible, eager, friendly and enjoys working with others in a collegial, fast-paced and team-oriented environment


Compensation will be determined based on where you live and your level of experience, but we expect the range to be between $65,000 and $80,000.

Our team is guided by a set of cultural principles that help us do excellent, innovative work for equality and freedom while taking care of ourselves and each other. Those principles explicitly prioritize work-life balance and the balance between the emotional and operational sides of our work, including building in comp time and other supports when work is especially intense or goes beyond normal working hours.

CREDO offers generous merit bonuses; comprehensive health, dental, vision coverage & FSA; industry-leading 401k matching; along with a free smartphone of your choice, company-reimbursed service for you, and deeply discounted service costs for up to four others on your plan with CREDO Mobile.

Employees who work from the San Francisco office also enjoy these other benefits:

  • Work-from-home Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Casual dress code in the office
  • A monthly commuting stipend and fantastic location at the Embarcadero BART/MUNI stop, just a few minutes walk from the Ferry Building and Transbay Bus Terminal
  • Free on-site fitness center with 24-hour access
  • Team lunches twice a month, healthy snack selection, annual Giants game, and an otherwise friendly and fun workplace environment

You can see our full list of benefits and perks on our website, CREDO Mobile Jobs.


Applicants should provide a resume and a cover letter that’s no longer than two pages. Your cover letter should include the following:

About you:

  • How your work history or other factors make you a great applicant for this specific position.
  • Why you want to work for CREDO Action – particularly what interests you about our mission and our model of organizing and what issues you’re most passionate about or experienced with.

Campaign ideas:
Two ideas for campaigns you think CREDO Action should be running, in the format below. Check out our campaigns at credoaction.com to see more examples.

  • Suggest a target and call to action:”Tell Ryan Zinke: No tax on public protest”
  • Why this is important (three sentences, maximum): “The Interior Department’s plan to charge fees for events and rallies on federal land is part of a broader effort to limit public protest and dissent. This campaign would help generate public pressure to withdraw the proposal as well as public awareness about this dangerous anti-protest trend. We know this kind of pressure can work, as we recently saw massive outrage force Zinke to withdraw his plan to charge exorbitant fees for national parks.”

Applicants whose resumes and cover letters show a potential match will be asked to meet with our team via Zoom (a free, Skype-like video conferencing service) for a 30 minute introductory interview. Applicants who proceed past this interview will be asked to complete a 60-90 minute performance task to assess their writing skills and how they think about campaign strategy. A short list of candidates will have one or two further Zoom interviews.

We are accepting applications until November 15, 2018 and will assess all applications starting on November 16. We expect to make an offer by mid-December with an early January start date.

CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW: http://credo.cm/campaignmgr2019

Click here to download a PDF of this job description.

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