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ICYMI — Hillary Clinton announced she will NOT be speaking at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women conference because Kirstjen Nielsen is also a speaker. Her refusal is at least the second one, after filmmaker dream hampton pulled out earlier today. CREDO Action, Define American, Bend the Arc, and Families Belong Together are working with other speakers to urge them to refuse to share the stage with Nielsen.

“It’s great to see that Hillary Clinton is refusing to help Nielsen rehabilitate her image by sharing a stage with her. We will be working with other speakers, and hope to see more show the same moral leadership that Clinton and dream hampton did by declining to speak at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women conference,” said CREDO Action campaign manager Jelani Drew-Davi.

“Kirstjen Nielsen’s presence at a conference celebrating women who’ve done positive things in their communities is hypocritical and odious. The only thing Nielsen should be allowed on a stage for is to condemn her complicity with an admitted racist to traumatize immigrants and apologize to the thousands of families she tore apart for the long-lasting damage she inflicted upon them,” they continued. “The hatred fueling Trump and his policies cannot be normalized — no institution should give Trump henchman a platform to help them rehabilitate their image or sanitize their cruel attacks on immigrant families and children. 

“There is little more disconnected from reality than a woman who jailed babies being given a platform to be ‘asked hard questions’ in an atmosphere of gratuitous wealth. Fortune needs to understand the most crucial audience for any potential Nielsen apology are not going to be in DC next week – they are the families and children still experiencing the trauma that Nielsen spearheaded. Fortune should stop trying to redeem their bad decision and cancel the Nielsen session now.”

CREDO Action’s work to hold DHS heads accountable:

  • Recent backlash from CREDO Action and other progressives also forced former DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to back out of the 2019 Atlantic Fest.
  • CREDO Action also held a 2018 protest at Nielsen’s home, playing audio of crying children who had been separated from their families at the border.
  • Last week, CREDO Action, along with activists from other immigration and progressive organizations and Georgetown Law students forced Kevin McAleenan off the stage before he could deliver the keynote speech at an immigration conference in DC. Four days later, McAleenan resigned.
  • In 2018, after the death of a 7-year-old asylum-seeker in Customs and Border Patrol custody, CREDO Action confronted then-CBP head McAleenan directly by putting a projection on his home, calling on him to resign.

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