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On Sept. 1, 2019, CREDO Mobile announced an incremental donation of $50,000 to five key climate justice organizations building momentum for the Green New Deal, including US Youth Climate Strike, the Sunrise Movement, Climate Justice Alliance, Data for Progress, and NY Renews. This is in addition to the $150,000 CREDO donates each month to progressive nonprofits.

“Our climate is in crisis, and we need to listen to the young people who are driving the movement to demand solutions to ensure our planet has a future,” said CREDO Mobile CEO Ray Morris. “We want to support these organizations and the critical work they are doing — and we hope others follow our lead and do the same. Climate change is a real and imminent threat to everyone — it’s about time we treated it with the gravity it deserves.”

CREDO’s millions of members and progressive activists will have the opportunity to vote on how to allocate the overall donation between the five organizations at Results will be tallied at the end of September.

More on the organizations:

  • US Youth Climate Strike is a youth coalition of climate change fighters from across the United States organizing for immediate action to combat the effects of the climate crisis.
  • The Sunrise Movement is building an army of young people to pass a Green New Deal that will stop climate change and put millions of Americans to work.

“Sunrise is so honored to be apart of this growing movement for the Green New Deal. As 2020 approaches, it’s more important than ever that grassroots social movements translate people power into political power. Young people know that the climate crisis is an urgent reality and that our generation’s best shot at a liveable future is winning the Green New Deal. Funding from CREDO will be crucial to unleashing the true power of the climate justice movement in order to make climate change the number one priority in American politics.”

  • Climate Justice Alliance is creating a new center of gravity in the climate movement by uniting frontline communities and organizations into a formidable force to build a just transition to resilient, regenerative and equitable economies.

“We are excited to have been chosen as a recipient of CREDO’s donation program this month. Climate Justice Alliance members have won significant victories against polluting and extractive industries, preventing new carbon emissions from reaching our atmosphere and stopping the practice of sacrifice zones in our backyards,” said Climate Justice Alliance executive director Angela Adrar. “By shifting money to support the growth of a powerful grassroots climate justice movement that links social, environmental, and economic justice communities in order to build frontline power to address urgent and long term needs through Just Recovery, people to people disaster preparedness and mutual support, CREDO is helping our alliance to cultivate and promote Just Transition solutions that move us toward sustainable, intersectional, and regenerative economies.”

  • Data for Progress uses state-of-the-art data science techniques to support progressive activists and causes, including a Green New Deal, a green jobs guarantee, Medicare for All and abolishing ICE.

“At Data for Progress, we’re excited to be part of this campaign to build momentum for Green New Deal policies,” said Data for Progress development director Brittany Bennett. “Support from CREDO Action members will help us expand our polling efforts, which show that a Green New Deal is popular with voters, create data visualizations to show the progress states are making tackling climate change, and put our Green New Deal Blueprint in the hands of policymakers.”

  • NY Renews is a multi-sector coalition of nearly 200 organizations campaigning for good jobs, climate justice and a just transition to 100% clean, renewable energy, which recently won passage of the most ambitious climate bill in the country, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. Each organization will receive at least $5,000.

“We’re honored to be among the amazing organizations selected for CREDO’s September climate donation program. NY Renews’s multi-sector coalition has been fighting for for a climate justice, good, green, jobs, and a 100% renewable economy in New York State since 2014. As the force behind the nation’s strongest climate law, New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, NY Renews knows what it takes to win–but we’re not done fighting. Now, we’re focused on holding our government accountable to implementing the law in line with our vision of climate justice and a fully renewable economy. We also know that this law is not the end — we’re fighting for new programs to invest in efficiency, transportation, renewable energy, and green jobs, centering the communities on the front lines of the climate crisis.”

More on CREDO:

CREDO has a long history of activism in the climate justice space, including donating nearly $20 million to climate justice organizations through its monthly donations program at since its founding in 1985. Every month, CREDO donates $150,000 to progressive and grassroots organizations, with donations totaling over $88 million. The donations are made possible by CREDO customers who use CREDO Mobile, CREDO Energy and CREDO Long Distance.

This past year, CREDO was one of the leading organizers pushing for a DNC-sanctioned climate debate between the 2020 presidential candidates. Hundreds of thousands of CREDO members have signed petitions to call on Democrats to support a Green New Deal, protect endangered species, and oppose the Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipelines.

CREDO entered the green energy market in 2018 by launching CREDO Energy, which allows consumers in 10 states and counting to offset their energy consumption with wind and solar energy credits to reduce greenhouse gases emitted by coal and gas power plants.

CREDO is a socially conscious corporation dedicated to powering progressive change through everyday acts of commerce. CREDO gives customers the opportunity to support causes they care about — like climate justice and women’s rights — by paying for the services they already use, including mobile service and home electricity supply.


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