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FYI — After Sen. Brian Schatz today introduced a constitutional amendment proposing the elimination of the Electoral College, CREDO Action co-director Heidi Hess issued the following statement:

“The Electoral College is a racist, ancient relic of a system of government originally designed to protect the interests of slaveholding states. It’s a feature, not a bug, that a vote cast in Wyoming is worth three cast in California, and it’s an unconscionable injustice that we’ve allowed to linger for too long.”

“Sen. Schatz is right to introduce this amendment, and we applaud those who have vocally injected this issue into the public dialogue in recent weeks, including Sen. Warren. The only way we can abolish this anachronistic relic is by precipitating a broad culture shift, which is why we need every single Presidential candidate to follow Sen. Schatz’s lead, and endorse his proposal immediately.”

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