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What happens next depends on what President Obama is willing to fight for

Statement by Becky Bond, president of CREDO SuperPAC:

“Democrats have lost the Senate, and what happens next is going to depend a lot on what President Obama is willing to stand up and fight for,” said Becky Bond, president of CREDO SuperPAC. “If the President had fought for the priorities of his base, and if the Democratic party had invested in voter mobilization on the ground instead of vaporizing hundreds of millions in negative television advertising, Democrats would not have lost the Senate.”


CREDO SuperPAC was the first outside group to open field offices in multiple key states, hire local organizers, and recruit local volunteers to talk to progressive drop-off voters in Colorado, Michigan, Kentucky, Georgia and North Carolina. CREDO SuperPAC volunteers made over 2 million local phone calls to voters and knocked on 63,766 doors in our target states.

CREDO SuperPAC’s on the ground voter mobilization work helped put Gary Peters over the top in Michigan, where organizers set up a field office and organized local volunteers to get out the vote against extremist Republican Terri Lynn Land. Local volunteers made 282,069 phone calls and knocked on 12,489 doors.

CREDO SuperPAC’s local volunteer voter contact campaigns helped turn out the progressive base by working on the ground for months engaging voters and getting them to the polls to vote against Terri Lynn Land. In North Carolina, Kentucky, Colorado, and Georgia, there simply wasn’t enough investment across the board in voter mobilization to put Democratic candidates over the top.

In contrast to the billions spent on television ads on the Democratic side by candidates, Party Committees and outside groups – CREDO’s substantial field effort cost only $1.5 million, raised with an average grassroots contribution of $23.


Research has shown that having local volunteers make personal contacts to voters at the doors and on the phones is the most effective way to influence voters at the polls. There is virtually no research that shows a strong mobilization effect generated by negative television advertisements — and voters remembrance of television advertisements starts to decay almost immediately. A quality conversation at the door or on the phone, on the other hand, has been shown to have impacts that last for years.

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