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After Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller resigned from the U.S. Department of Justice and publicly summarized the results of his office’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, CREDO Action co-director Heidi Hess issued the following statement:

“Robert Mueller is practically begging Congress to move forward with impeachment proceedings. In a room full of reporters, he explicitly conceded that there wasn’t enough evidence to exonerate Donald Trump, a sitting president, on the possible crime of obstruction of justice. In any other year, that kind of earth-shattering finding would be immediate grounds for at least the beginning of an impeachment inquiry, and it’s far past time for Congress to step up to its role as a co-equal branch of government and hold Trump accountable for his crimes. The case for impeachment is stronger than ever, and that fact should weigh heavily on lawmakers, particularly those in Democratic leadership, who have been far too cautious in bringing political analysis to a moral question.”

“The bottom line is this: Mueller’s report, and years of public record, lay out a crystal clear portrait of this president as a man who is dangerously unfit for office and will stop at nothing to tamper with the justice system for his own benefit. Robert Mueller has done his job; now, it’s up to Congress to take his findings and use them to hold the president and those around him accountable for their damage to this country’s institutions as well as to the rule of law. The ball is in Speaker Pelosi’s court now, and continuing to delay and make excuses isn’t an option.”

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