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ICYMI — As Chairman Schiff and the members of the House Intelligence committee draft their articles of impeachment over the next few days, CREDO released the following statement urging for an expanded scope in their draft:

“Now is the time for House Democrats to show real moral leadership by impeaching Trump for all of his abuses of power, not just Ukraine-related offenses,” said CREDO Action co-director Heidi Hess. “The Democrats’ articles of impeachment must include his abuse of executive power to promote hatred and incite violence, his abuse of emergency powers and the armed forces, and his abuse of the presidency to swindle the American people.

“This expanded scope will prove that Democrats have the backs of the communities Trump is terrorizing and make clear that bigotry, corruption and self-enrichment have no place in the White House,” she continued. “There is growing public support to pursue all of Trump’s offenses during the impeachment process — House Democrats need to take notice and take bold action immediately.”

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