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CREDO released the statement below in response to the Senate’s vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court:

“Brett Kavanaugh may have just been confirmed to the Supreme Court, but the grassroots movement that came together to oppose him will only continue to grow,” CREDO Action Co-Director Heidi Hess said. “Eventually, when the dust settles and the right-wing fever that has overtaken Congress breaks, Kavanaugh will be impeached for lying under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee, or for other criminal acts.”

“Susan Collins will never be mistaken for a moderate again,” She continued. “When Kavanaugh guts Roe v. Wade, women everywhere will remember the pivotal role Susan Collins played in making it happen.”

“Sen. Joe Manchin’s vote to confirm Kavanaugh goes against every Democratic value,” Hess said. “Tom Perez, Chris Van Hollen and Chuck Schumer must hold him accountable,” she said. “The DNC and DSCC should stop funding or otherwise supporting Manchin’s re-election campaign,” Hess continued. “Chuck Schumer should immediately remove him from Democratic leadership,” Hess added. “No one has ever mistaken Manchin for a leader and he is clearly not a Democrat.”

“We want to express our deepest gratitude to the millions of activists who fought Kavanaugh from the beginning to the very end and the brave and powerful survivors who shared their stories,” Hess said. “Someday soon, thanks to their persistence and grassroots organizing, they’ll get the responsive, respectful and progressive government they deserve.”

CREDO has waged a full court press in opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Highlights include:

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