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In response to today’s tragic terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, Ted Cruz said “we need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.” In his full statement, he also called for halting the flow of refugees to the United States.

CREDO released the following statement in response:

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are in a race to the bottom to gin up racism fueled xenophobia,” said CREDO Political Director Murshed Zaheed. “Scapegoating entire communities and encouraging Americans to be suspicious of their Muslim neighbors may score points with some Republican primary voters, but it won’t do anything to make us safer,” Zaheed continued.

CREDO rejects the politics of hate and fear, and we condemn those who peddle it,” Zaheed said. “We reject any attempts to demonize Muslim, Arab or South Asian communities, or to use the tragic attack in Brussels to justify deportations, the suspension of civil rights, or the closure of our borders.

CREDO has waged an extensive campaign to fight back against anti-Muslim xenophobia. Highlights include:

50,000+ DEMAND THAT TRUMP AND CRUZ STOP PROMOTING ANTI-MUSLIM HATRED: More than 50,000 activists have signed a petition demanding that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump “Denounce any and all Islamophobic remarks from fellow Republicans, and cease promoting anti-Muslim hatred.”

PARIS AND BEIRUT: 50,000+ URGED OBAMA AND KERRY TO REJECT HATE AND SHOW COMPASSION: In the days following the horrific terrorist attacks last fall in Paris and Beirut, more than 50,000 CREDO activists signed a petition calling on President Obama and Secretary Kerry to reject hate and show compassion in their response. The petition reads: “As we stand with the victims of horrific violence in Paris, Beirut and elsewhere in the world, we urge you to reject hate directed towards Muslims, resist pressure for increased militarization, and show compassion by immediately expanding the number of refugees the United States will accept.”

PARIS AND BEIRUT: 4,000+ PHONE CALLS URGE SENATE DEMS NOT TO CAVE TO RIGHT-WING FEARMONGERING: Pointing out that “Republicans cannot act unless Senate Democrats join them, more than 4,300 CREDO activists called Senate Democrats in the weeks following the attacks in Paris and Beirut, urging them to “block Republican attempts to use last week’s terrorist attacks to close our borders, demonize Muslims and increase our military presence in the Middle East.”

SAN BERNARDINO: 45,000+ URGE OBAMA TO DENOUNCE ANTI-MUSLIM XENOPHOBIA AT A U.S. MOSQUE: In the days following the attack in San Bernardino, California, more than 45,000 CREDO activists signed a petition urging President Obama to “Denounce the rising tide of anti-Muslim violence by speaking out and making a public visit to an American mosque.” In February, President Obama did just that in a speech at the Islamic Society of Baltimore.

CREDO Action, part of CREDO Mobile, is a social change network of 4 million activists, sending millions of petition signatures and more than 100,000 phone calls to decision-makers each year. CREDO Action members also participate in meetings, protests and other direct action for progressive change. Follow CREDOmobile on Twitter.

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