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National Progressive Organizations Demand Trump-apologist Joe Manchin is Removed From Senate Democratic Leadership Team

Washington, D.C.— Today, CREDO, #AllOfUs, Democracy for America, Other98 and 350 Action called on Sen. Chuck Schumer to remove Trump-apologist Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia from Democratic Caucus Leadership. Manchin was the only “Democrat” who voted to confirm extreme racist Jeff Sessions as attorney general and foreclosure king Steve Mnuchin as treasury secretary. In a recent face-to-face meeting with Trump, Manchin reportedly remained silent while Trump launched a racist tirade against Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Several of the organizations, including CREDO, 350 Action and #AllOfUs, have launched petitions making the same demand of Sen. Schumer. Other organizations will be launching petitions in the coming days.

“Senator Schumer has the responsibility to stand up for progressive values and lead the Trump resistance in the Senate,” said CREDO Action Senior Campaign Manager Heidi Hess. “Joe Manchin’s constant refusal to stand up against Republicans’ racist, sexist and misogynist agenda disqualifies him from serving as a leader of the resistance party.” Hess continued, “Sen. Schumer should do the right thing and immediately remove Manchin from Democratic leadership.”

“Millions of Americans are marching in the streets with the Resistance because they know Donald Trump is a threat to our families and our democracy. Senator Schumer tries to align himself with the Resistance, but we’ve seen a lot of talk and not enough action,” said #AllofUs co-founder Yong Jung Cho. “ If Schumer wants to show that he’s with the resistance, he needs to remove Senator Joe Manchin, a man who proudly poses in photo-ops with Trump, and votes for the Republican party’s agenda and of hate and greed, from party leadership.”

“At a moment when Democratic party should be a firewall against Trump’s hateful, climate-wrecking agenda, Manchin has repeatedly thrown his weight behind the Trump administration,” said 350 Action Executive Director May Boeve. “The stakes are higher than ever before, and progressives deserve elected officials that put us first. Manchin is more loyal to fossil fuel billionaires than he is to the Democratic Party base. It’s time for Chuck Schumer to stand with the resistance by dropping Joe Manchin from the Democratic leadership team.”

“Joe Manchin has aided and abetted the Trump administration, constantly putting him at odds with Senate Democrats and the American people. If Democrats want to reclaim the Senate majority in 2018, leadership needs to be a unified force in fighting for the American people, who are in the streets resisting Trump’s hateful and corrupt agenda everyday“ said Democracy for America Executive Director Charles Chamberlain. “Removing Manchin from Democratic leadership is a no brainer.”


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