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In response to today’s announcement of an agreement on the outlines of an understanding to limit Iran’s nuclear program, CREDO Action Political Director Becky Bond issued the following statement:

“Today’s announcement of agreement on the outlines of an understanding to limit Iran’s nuclear program is a major step forward, and a big win for the Obama administration. While details still need to be resolved, a final agreement appears within reach.

Allowing our negotiators to finalize a deal should be a no-brainer for any member of Congress who cares about American national security. But with Republicans like Sen. John McCain hell bent on bombing Iran, it’s going to depend on holding enough Democratic votes to sustain an almost certain presidential veto of legislation tailor-made to destroy our diplomatic progress and sabotage ongoing negotiations.

We want to be very clear: A vote for anti-diplomacy legislation like Corker-Menendez or Kirk-Menendez is a vote for war. And like the vote to give George W. Bush a blank check for war with Iraq, any Democrat who casts a vote for war with Iran should expect to be held accountable for that decision for the rest of their career.”

CREDO’s 3.6 million members have fought for years to stop Republicans from sabotaging diplomacy and starting a war with Iran. Below are some of the recent actions CREDO members have taken on this issue:

Nearly 150,000 CREDO activists urged Senate Democratic leaders to introduce a resolution denouncing Tom Cotton’s dangerous letter and the senators who signed it: After Tom Cotton and 46 other Republican senators sent a letter to Iran’s government threatening to sabotage any deal, 146,762 spoke out and urged Senate Democratic leaders to put forward a resolution condemning the letter and its signatories. The petition can be found here: http://act.credoaction.com/sign/gang_of_47

Nearly 80,000 CREDO activists told Democrats to skip Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s anti-diplomacy speech: 77,507 activists signed a petition to Democrats in Congress denouncing John Boehner for secretly arranging for Prime Minister Netanyahu to attack President Obama’s diplomacy with Iran in front of a joint session of Congress, and urging Democrats to skip the speech. The petition can be found here: http://act.credoaction.com/sign/boehner_iran_speech

Almost 100,000 CREDO activists told Senator Menendez to stop warmongering on Iran: 98,854 CREDO members signed a petition calling out Senator Menendez for trying to start a war with Iran by colluding with Republicans to pass new sanctions. After hundreds of tweets and local press coverage, Menendez backed down and agreed to delay a vote on his dangerous bill.

Since the beginning of 2014, CREDO members have reported making nearly 6,000 pro-diplomacy calls to Congress: In response to threats by some Democrats to join with Republicans to sabotage President Obama’s diplomacy, CREDO members have poured in thousands of calls urging Democrats not to start a war with Iran.

Last year CREDO members attended 27 meetings with members of congress to urge congressional restraint and support for diplomacy.

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