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Pittsburgh, PA: Breast cancer and health activists across the country are outraged by Susan G. Komen’s decision to partner with Baker Hughes, a fracking company, even though the toxic practice includes the use of known and suspected carcinogens linked to increased risk of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Action, CREDO, New Voices Pittsburgh, Food & Water Watch, Oil Change International and EcoWatch are delivering more than 150,000 petitions today to Judith Salerno, Executive Director of Susan G. Komen, urging the breast cancer group to cut their ties with the fracking industry and refuse the check from Baker Hughes. Baker Hughes is promoting pink-painted drill bits in its partnership with Susan G. Komen and giving the breast cancer organization $100,000.

Activists from national and local groups are also holding a protest on Sunday outside the Pittsburgh Steelers football game where Baker Hughes CEO Martin Craighead is expected to deliver the $100,000 check to Nancy Brinker, Komen’s founder. They will be demanding that Susan G. Komen stop using its brand to help Baker Hughes cover up fracking’s toxic impact on women’s health. Breast cancer and health activists from local and national organizations will hand out fliers that read, “Shame on Komen” and will come equipped with protest signs and jugs filled with dirty “fracking” water.

Check out an image of the fliers that activists will be passing out at the game: http://d2omw6a1nm6pnh.cloudfront.net/images/Rally_Flyer_V3.pdf

Read the petition here: www.bcaction.org/endpinkwashing

Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director of Breast Cancer Action:
“With these pink drill bits Komen and Baker Hughes have taken pinkwashing to new depths-literally. By poisoning our water, food and air, Baker Hughes is doing more to cause breast cancer than to cure it. And with its poisonous partnerships, Komen provides the perfect pink cover.”

Heidi Hess, CREDO’s campaign manager:
“It boggles the mind that the Susan G. Komen Foundation would agree to shill in public for a company whose toxic fracking practices can be linked to breast cancer. We stand with Breast Cancer Action in asking Susan G. Komen to refuse to accept the $100,000 it earned to pinkwash fracking and get back to its core mission of raising money and awareness to fight breast cancer.”

Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food & Water Watch:
“By partnering with a company making millions of dollars off of a process that uses cancer-causing chemicals, Komen is making a mockery of its mission to end breast cancer. The organization should return the toxic funding and stop running interference for a company that profits from fracking with carcinogens.”

Stefanie Spear, Founder and CEO of EcoWatch:
“In helping lead the charge in using online news to drive fundamental change, EcoWatch is glad to be a part of the coalition connecting the dots between extreme fossil fuel extraction and human health, including breast cancer. Pinkwashing is unacceptable. In defense of its mission, Susan G. Komen should refuse to accept the $100,000 donation from Baker Hughes.”

David Turnbull, Campaigns Director of Oil Change International:
“Baker Hughes’ pink drillbits ploy makes it clear once again that Big Oil and Gas will go to any length to try to cover up their dirty image. Whether it’s greenwashing or pinkwashing, they can’t escape from the truth that fracking imperils public health and the future for our communities. Susan G. Komen should wise up and walk away from this dirty partnership.”

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