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San Francisco, CA: Shoppers across the country are committing not to purchase Eden Foods’ products over the company’s attacks on birth control coverage under the Affordable Care Act. More than 169,000 people have signed a petition by CREDO committing not to buy Eden Foods’ products until the company drops its attacks on women and birth control.

To make sure that Eden Foods CEO Michael Potter gets the message that he’s hurting his own customer base with his attacks on birth control, CREDO is organizing consumers who buy Eden Foods’ products such as organic beans and EdenSoy soy milk to return those products to their local grocery stores with stickers that read: “Eden Foods: Stop the Assault on Birth Control.”

Check out a picture of a shopper returning Eden Foods products here: https://twitter.com/CREDOMobile/status/492313716608622592

CREDO members are also organizing fellow shoppers to exercise their power as consumers to send a message to Eden Foods by urging store managers to stop selling Eden Foods’ products and posting messages on their grocery stores’ bulletin boards. Some are even protesting outside of their local grocery stores to ensure shoppers get the message.

Quote from Julie Hampton, longtime customer of Eden Foods:

“I have been a very good customer to Eden Foods for many years but I will no longer buy their products as long as the company attacks birth control and women. Birth control access needs to be expanded, not restricted.”

Quote from Steven Loop, a husband and father from Minneapolis who is urging grocery stores to not carry Eden Foods’ products:

“I am protesting Eden Foods on behalf of all women but two in particular; my 26 yr old daughter (she has three girls) and my wife. All the women in my life thought that these types of battles were long gone. We must refuse to allow these corporate interests to control women’s health care decisions. I will continue to visit stores that sell Eden products voicing my concerns and will not buy any of Eden’s products.”

CREDO will deliver the petition to Eden Foods CEO Michael Potter today. Read the full petition here: http://act.credoaction.com/sign/Eden_ACA

Read the letter customers are delivering to their local grocery stores: http://d2omw6a1nm6pnh.cloudfront.net/images/edenletter.pdf?ak_proof=1

Check out an image of the stickers here: https://d2omw6a1nm6pnh.cloudfront.net/images/EDEN-labels-avery22806.pdf?ak_proof=1


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