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In advance of House Republicans’ hearings today on FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s open Internet rules, CREDO Mobile issued the following statement:

Today’s hearings are just the latest episode of House Republicans’ long-running IRS-Benghazi-death-panels clown show,” said Becky Bond, Political Director and Vice President of CREDO Mobile. “The overwhelming majority of Americans – Democrats and Republicans – support Net Neutrality,” Bond added, “Nobody should be fooled: Republicans in Congress have one goal, and that’s to maximize Big Telecom’s profits at the expense of equality for Internet users.”

BACKGROUND on CREDO’s recent Net Neutrality activism:

OVER 310,000 CREDO ACTIVISTS HAVE URGED FCC CHAIRMAN WHEELER TO SAVE NET NEUTRALITY: More than 310,000 people have signed CREDO’s petition to the FCC to reclassify broadband Internet access as a telecommunications service and save Net Neutrality.

OVER 210,000 CREDO ACTIVISTS SUCCESSFULLY URGED PRESIDENT OBAMA TO PUSH THE FCC TO PROTECT THE OPEN INTERNET: More than 210,000 CREDO activists signed petitions to President Obama telling him to step in and tell the FCC to protect the open Internet. In November, the president did exactly that. CREDO activists also reported making 555 calls to President Obama.

OVER 63,000 URGED THE FCC TO ADOPT CHAIRMAN WHEELER’S PROPOSED OPEN INTERNET RULES WITHOUT ANY LOOPHOLES: In response to Chairman Wheeler’s February 4 Wired op-ed, 63,753 CREDO members praise the proposal and urged the FCC not to water it down in response to industry pressure.

GIVEN NEARLY $1,000,000 TO NET NEUTRALITY ADVOCATES: Since 2007, CREDO customers and members have voted to give $948,790 to Net Neutrality advocates like Demand Progress, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the ACLU, Color of Change, and Free Press.

OVER 4,000 CREDO MEMBERS HAVE POURED IN CALLS TO THE FCC TO SAVE NET NEUTRALITY: Over 4,000 CREDO members have called the FCC urging Chairman Wheeler to protect the open Internet.

OVER 10,000 CALLS TO CONGRESS FROM CREDO MEMBERS IN SUPPORT OF NET NEUTRALITY: For weeks, CREDO members have been calling their members of Congress, urging them to oppose Congressional Republicans’ loophole-ridden, sham legislation, which would strip the FCC of much of its authority to regulate the Internet. Additionally, last year, CREDO members reported making 1,242 calls to House Democrats urging them to sign onto the Congressional Progressive Caucus letter asking Wheeler to withdraw his so-called ‘hybrid’ plan, which would have ushered in a corporate takeover of the Internet. CREDO members also put in 3,482 calls to Senate Democrats on the issue.

URGED 34 HOUSE DEMOCRATS NOT TO SELL US OUT AGAIN TO BIG TELECOM: Last year, CREDO delivered a letter to the 34 House Democrats still in Congress who co-signed an industry-backed letter in 2010 to the FCC attacking Net Neutrality. The CREDO letter asked these turncoat Democrats to refuse to sign a similar letter being circulated by Rep. Gene Green on behalf of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA).

CREDO Mobile is a progressive phone company that makes it easy for its customers to fight for change – and raises millions of dollars for nonprofit groups that do the same. CREDO Mobile has raised more than $78 million for progressive groups, including the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Rainforest Action Network.

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