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CREDO has been calling for a thorough and independent investigation into the Trump administration, transition team and campaign’s ties to Russia since July. Since then, countless bombshell reports have documented ample evidence of highly improper ties between top members of Trump’s campaign and Russian officials. The news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions committed perjury when he denied under oath that he had communicated with Russian officials is just the latest evidence that the members of the Trump administration are actively trying to cover up their communications with the Russian government during the presidential campaign and transition period.

CREDO Political Director Murshed Zaheed released the following statement:

We need a resignation from Jeff Sessions, not a recusal,” CREDO Political Director Murshed Zaheed said. “If a Democratic attorney general had lied under oath about meeting with a foreign power accused of meddling in an American election, Republicans would have impeached them by now.”

After Sessions has resigned, his successor must immediately appoint a special prosecutor,” Zaheed added. “It’s clear that the current leadership at the Department of Justice is unable to conduct the objective investigation the American people deserve.”

Today, CREDO is launching an emergency petition to Congress that reads as follows:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied about his ties to Russia during his confirmation hearing. Congress must demand his resignation, demand that his successor immediately appoint a special prosecutor and use all the tools at its disposal to conduct transparent, independent investigations into Sessions’ and other Trump campaign and administration connections to Russia.”

The petition can be found here: https://act.credoaction.com/sign/sessions_resign

Highlights of CREDO’s recent Russia/Trump related activism include:

325,000 DEMAND SPECIAL PROSECUTOR INVESTIGATE TRUMP’S RELATIONSHIP WITH RUSSIA: More than 325,000 people signed a CREDO Mobilize petition started by Sen. Jeff Merkley, demanding that Attorney General Sessions “appoint a special prosecutor without delay” to conduct an “an impartial, objective, comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation into all credible allegations concerning the relationships between Donald Trump and the Russian government.”

250,000 URGED CONGRESS TO INVESTIGATE TRUMP’S TIES TO RUSSIA: When news broke that the CIA had determined that Russia intervened in the 2016 U.S. presidential election to help Donald Trump win, more than 250,000 CREDO members signed a rapid-response petition demanding that Congress “launch an immediate and public investigation into all of Donald Trump and his cabinet’s inappropriate financial ties to the Russian government.”

220,000 PETITIONED SENATE TO BLOCK TILLERSON DUE TO HIS TIES TO PUTIN: More than 220,000 CREDO members signed CREDO’s petition urging the Senate to block Rex Tillerson’s confirmation as secretary of state due to his “deep ties to the Russian government.” CREDO members also made more than 25,000 calls to Senate offices with the same demand.

CREDO Action, part of CREDO Mobile, is a social change network of over five million activists, sending millions of petition signatures and hundreds of thousands of phone calls to decision-makers each year. CREDO Action members also participate in meetings, protests and other direct actions for progressive change. Follow CREDOMobile on Twitter.


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