Proofreader skills test – instructions

Your test period of one hour has begun. Please make note of the time.

For this test, you will be reading example campaigns from CREDO Action and correcting errors. It’s okay if you don’t know all of the AP style guidelines by heart – just do your best to correct errors that you find.

Our footnote format is as follows:

Article author(s), “Article name linked,” Source Name, Feb. 25, 2016.
Jordan Krueger, “Grammar for Campaigners.”, Feb. 25, 2016.

Try to correct any footnotes that don’t appear in this format.

To begin, you must be signed in to Google. Then open the following Google Doc: Proofreading test 1

Follow these instructions:

Step 1

Proofreading test instructions 1

Step 2

(If you can’t complete this step because “Make a copy” isn’t an option, that means you’re not sign in to Google. Sign in and try again!)

Proofreading test instructions 2

Step 3

Proofreading test instructions 3

Step 4

Proofreading test instructions 4

Step 5

Now start making edits right in the doc, where you find errors. With the suggesting feature, you should see your corrections appear in the text, in addition to a pop-up box on the right-hand side.

Step 6

Proofreading test instructions 5

Step 7

Proofreading test instructions 6

Thank you for completing this skills test! You’ll hear from us one way or another within the next few days.