August 18, 2017

BANNON STATEMENT: The Trump White House remains the White Supremacist’s House

August 14, 2017

STATEMENT: Too little too late from the occupant of the White Supremacists’ House

August 3, 2017

130,000+ to Congress: Don’t give Big Pharma more monopolies

August 1, 2017

CREDO statement on Wray confirmation: Senate Democrats failed to resist

July 27, 2017

CREDO statement: The resistance stopped Trumpcare – again

July 25, 2017

#ResistTrumpcare: CREDO statement on motion to proceed vote

July 20, 2017

CREDO blasts Senate Dems for supporting FBI nominee Wray

July 13, 2017

100,000+ sign petition urging Golden State Warriors not to visit Trump’s White House

June 27, 2017

CREDO Statement on Trumpcare Delay

June 27, 2017

Trumpcare: CREDO’s Full Court Press to Resist

CREDO has been stalwart in its support for women’s health and Planned Parenthood.
We deeply value its partnership in our work.

Planned ParenthoodGranted $91,662 in 2016

The march for racial and economic justice continues, and we’re grateful to CREDO’s commitment to highlighting the need for a more equal society.

Southern Poverty Law CenterGranted $84,231 in 2016

CREDO is a strong environmental champion, always ready to step up to challenge corporate power.

Rainforest Action NetworkGranted $80,433 in 2016

Our Social Security system has an incredible ally in CREDO.

Social Security WorksGranted $83,734 in 2016