August 18, 2017

BANNON STATEMENT: The Trump White House remains the White Supremacist’s House

August 14, 2017

STATEMENT: Too little too late from the occupant of the White Supremacists’ House

August 3, 2017

130,000+ to Congress: Don’t give Big Pharma more monopolies

August 1, 2017

CREDO statement on Wray confirmation: Senate Democrats failed to resist

July 27, 2017

CREDO statement: The resistance stopped Trumpcare – again

July 25, 2017

#ResistTrumpcare: CREDO statement on motion to proceed vote

July 20, 2017

CREDO blasts Senate Dems for supporting FBI nominee Wray

July 13, 2017

100,000+ sign petition urging Golden State Warriors not to visit Trump’s White House

June 27, 2017

CREDO Statement on Trumpcare Delay

June 27, 2017

Trumpcare: CREDO’s Full Court Press to Resist

June 22, 2017

Republican Sens. Targeted with Anti-Trumpcare Billboards

June 20, 2017

Conservative Senate Democrats Targeted with Anti-Trumpcare Billboards in West Virginia, Indiana and North Dakota

May 17, 2017

CREDO response to special prosecutor appointment

May 5, 2017

CREDO statement on withdrawal of Army Sec. nominee Mark Green

May 3, 2017

CREDO blasts bigoted Army Sec. nominee Mark Green

April 19, 2017

Fox to drop O’Reilly? CREDO response

April 7, 2017

CREDO,, Peace Action, and Win Without War Condemn Donald Trump’s Reckless Act of War in Syria

April 6, 2017

CREDO STATEMENT: Nuclear option a “craven and cynical power-grab”

April 6, 2017

CREDO: Gorsuch’s historic cloture vote a defining moment for Senate Democrats

April 3, 2017

230,000+ progressives urge DSCC not to fund any Senate Dems who help confirm Gorsuch

April 3, 2017

UNDER FIRE: Sen. Bennet facing pressure in Colorado to block Gorsuch

March 31, 2017

Selling customer data goes against everything CREDO believes in

March 24, 2017

Keystone XL: Trump puts foreign pipeline company ahead of American people

March 20, 2017

CREDO on Comey’s Trump-Russia blockbuster: Trump’s GOP lapdogs in Congress must stop playing games

March 3, 2017

500,000+ Sign Sen. Merkley’s Petition Demanding Special Prosecutor to Probe Trump’s Ties to Russia

March 2, 2017

Lying Sessions must resign: CREDO statement and background information

March 1, 2017

200,000+ to Sen. Schumer: Remove Joe Manchin from Leadership

February 23, 2017

Progressives to Schumer: Drop Sen. Joe Manchin from Your Leadership Team

February 22, 2017

100+ State Legislators and Local Elected Officials Denounce Trump’s Muslim Ban

February 7, 2017

CREDO Statement on DeVos Confirmation: Republicans chose Trump’s fascist agenda over education of America’s children

January 31, 2017

SCOTUS REACTION: Democrats who don’t fight will face the wrath of their constituents

January 31, 2017

DEVOS STATEMENT: CREDO blasts Republicans for rubber stamping an unqualified “swamp monster”

January 24, 2017


January 20, 2017

1,000,000+ Petition Senate Democrats: Block Betsy DeVos

January 20, 2017

CREDO,, Demand Progress, Democracy for America Praise 73 Democratic House Members For Skipping Inauguration

January 18, 2017

Online Video Ad Campaign Pressures Tech Companies to Reject Trump’s Muslim Registry

January 14, 2017

125,000+ petition Dems to skip inauguration, 25 announce they’ll skip

January 10, 2017

CREDO Blasts Trump’s Nominees

December 14, 2016

BREAKING: CREDO Applauds Facebook’s Refusal to Build Trump’s Muslim Registry

December 14, 2016

CREDO Slams Tech CEOs Meeting with Trump While Muslim Registry Question Looms

December 12, 2016

Letters to corporations re: Trump’s Muslim registry

December 4, 2016

CREDO Action Statement on Major Setback for Dakota Access Pipeline

November 2, 2016

CREDO to Obama: Summon the courage to just say #NoDAPL

October 27, 2016

CREDO blasts Clinton advisor’s reckless, dangerous and irresponsible views on Iran

October 24, 2016

CREDO and United We Dream Action Demand ICE Director, Sarah Saldaña, Denounce Trump’s Racist, Anti-Immigrant Ideology

September 13, 2016

Rallies in DC and Nationwide Demand Permanent Stop to Dakota Access Pipeline

July 28, 2016

Haunting NEW VIDEO: Trump is Too Dangerous to Receive National Security Briefings

July 21, 2016

CREDO: Ailes’ departure alone won’t fix Fox’s culture of sexism

July 21, 2016

STATEMENT: CREDO praises NBA for taking a stand against LGBT discrimination

June 6, 2016

#DumpTrump: CREDO responds to BuzzFeed’s rejection of the RNC convention

June 1, 2016

CREDO Applauds Pres. Obama’s “huge reversal” on Social Security

May 5, 2016

#DumpTrump: CREDO escalates multi-channel digital campaign (w video) vs Google

April 28, 2016

#DumpTrump: 500,000+ Urge Google not to fund Trump-led Republican Convention

April 5, 2016

AZ voter suppression: CREDO applauds DOJ for launching investigation

April 4, 2016

CREDO Mobile Plans Donations to Give #DoYourJob Campaign a Major Boost

March 22, 2016

CREDO denounces Ted Cruz’s xenophobic response to Brussels attacks

March 16, 2016

CREDO on SCOTUS pick: Judge Merrick Garland deserves an up-or-down vote

March 15, 2016

CREDO: Offshore drilling is incompatible with President Obama’s climate commitments

March 3, 2016

SCOTUS Vacancy: CREDO launches a FULL COURT press on Senate Republicans

February 22, 2016

CREDO Statement on Califf confirmation vote

February 16, 2016

Republicans face growing backlash for preemptively obstructing Pres. Obama’s nominee

February 3, 2016

CREDO on TPP signing: We are 100% dedicated to defeating it in Congress

January 15, 2016

CREDO on coal leasing pause: Obama has blinders on to oil and gas

January 13, 2016

STATEMENT: CREDO’s response to Leader Pelosi’s amplification of anti-abortion rhetoric

January 12, 2016

CREDO Mobile Plans Donations to Three Pro-Choice Groups

January 5, 2016

CREDO statement and background on gun control executive actions

December 10, 2015

Islamophobia on the Campaign Trail: Progressives Urge Sec. Clinton to Remove Gen. Wesley Clark from Campaign

November 17, 2015

After Paris: Senate Dems must reject Republicans’ xenophobic agenda

November 12, 2015

CREDO Distributes 63 Microgrants to fund local grassroots climate activism

November 6, 2015

CREDO statement on rejection of Keystone XL

November 5, 2015

CREDO: The TPP is even worse than we expected

November 5, 2015 highlights President Obama’s broken promises on foreign policy

November 2, 2015

CREDO: Obama shouldn’t cave to TransCanada’s desperate KXL delay tactic

October 30, 2015

CREDO: Obama’s Syria announcement a “broken promise”

October 29, 2015

CREDO: Secretary Clinton must oppose Social Security benefit cuts

October 20, 2015

CREDO responds to reports of SEC nominations

October 7, 2015

CREDO praises Secretary Clinton for splitting with Obama Administration on TPP

October 1, 2015

CREDO blasts EPA’s “failure to stand up to polluters” on ozone rule

September 28, 2015

CREDO Statement on Shell’s Arctic drilling withdrawal

September 22, 2015

1,000,000+ Petitions Delivered to Congress: No Cuts to Planned Parenthood Funding

September 17, 2015

CREDO Mobile to Offer iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus on Friday, September 25

September 15, 2015

On Lehman Anniversary, “Dump (Mary Jo) Truck” Mobile Billboard to Circle Washington, D.C.

September 15, 2015

Media Memo: Update on CREDO’s work to defend Planned Parenthood

September 10, 2015

CREDO STATEMENT: “The peace movement won today”

September 8, 2015

CREDO: Democratic Senators can’t have it both ways on the Iran deal

September 3, 2015

CREDO: Sen. Booker’s #IranDeal support shows real leadership

September 2, 2015

Iran Deal: CREDO praises historic milestone for peace over war

September 1, 2015

CREDO applauds Sens. Casey and Coons for supporting the #IranDeal

August 26, 2015

President Obama’s Alaska Trip is his ‘Mission Accomplished’ Moment

August 24, 2015

CREDO praises Sen. Stabenow on #IranDeal support. All eyes are now on Sen. Peters.

August 18, 2015

CREDO: Sen. Menendez’s opposition to #IranDeal cements his reputation as a warmonger

August 17, 2015

CREDO on Arctic drilling: President Obama should know better

August 14, 2015

#WarmongerChuck backpedals under pressure

August 11, 2015

Dazed and confused? Maine Governor LePage doesn’t know who he sued over immigration.

August 7, 2015

“From Wall Street Chuck to Warmonger Chuck”: CREDO responds to Schumer’s opposition to #IranDeal

August 5, 2015

CREDO Launches to fund local grassroots climate change activism

August 3, 2015

CREDO: This carbon rule won’t offset President Obama’s “all-of-the-above” energy strategy

August 3, 2015

CREDO: Planned Parenthood dodged a bullet, but the fight is far from over

July 29, 2015

400,000+ petition signatures urge Democrats to stop Republicans from starting a war with Iran

July 14, 2015

Progressive Coalition Launches to support Iran nuclear deal

July 14, 2015

CREDO: Democrats who sabotage Iran deal will face consequences

June 29, 2015

110,000+ Petition President Obama to Replace Mary Jo White as SEC Chair

June 23, 2015

CREDO: 13 Democratic Senators just sold out their constituents on Fast Track

June 12, 2015

CREDO: Grassroots activism deals surprise blow to key vote on Fast Track

June 11, 2015

CREDO: Congress served interests of Wall Street with Fast Track vote

June 9, 2015

Activists rally outside Leader Pelosi’s office urging her to oppose Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

June 3, 2015

Two million petition signatures to Congress: Don’t Fast Track the Trans-Pacific Partnership

June 2, 2015

CREDO: USA FREEDOM resurrects Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act

May 31, 2015

PATRIOT Act: CREDO, Demand Progress and Fight for the Future praise temporary sunset, criticize vote to advance USA Freedom Act

May 22, 2015

“Ready to Fight”: CREDO Action statement on the Senate’s passage of Fast Track

May 21, 2015

CREDO Condemns Senate’s Fast Tracking of Fast Track

May 20, 2015

CREDO Action Releases Online Ads Targeting Members of Congress for Supporting Medicare Cuts in Trade Package

May 13, 2015

CREDO Mobile, Demand Progress and Fight for the Future blast House members who voted for USA FREEDOM Act

May 12, 2015

CREDO on Senate Fast Track vote: A “game-changing victory”

May 11, 2015

Progressives to Congressional Progressive Caucus: Oppose the USA FREEDOM Act

May 8, 2015

CREDO’s PREBUTTAL on Obama’s Nike speech: The President is out of touch on TPP

May 7, 2015

CREDO Mobile’s response to 2nd Circuit ruling on NSA’s bulk collection of phone records

May 7, 2015

Corker bill will force Democrats to choose between war and peace with Iran

May 6, 2015

Civil liberties groups and whistleblowers urge Congress to oppose the USA FREEDOM Act

April 24, 2015

Media memo: Progressive activism helped stop the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger

April 23, 2015

CREDO: President Obama is clearly on the defensive on Fast Track and TPP

April 21, 2015

Human trafficking deal shows the low value Congress puts on women’s lives

April 17, 2015

Clinton needs to speak out NOW against Fast Track

April 16, 2015

CREDO on Fast Track deal: Congress shouldn’t throw Americans under the bus

April 15, 2015

CREDO Response to ALEC

April 15, 2015

CREDO refuses to honor cease and desist letter from American Legislative Exchange Council

April 2, 2015

CREDO warns Democrats not to sabotage major progress towards an Iran nuclear deal

March 27, 2015

CREDO: Chuck Schumer is too pro-Wall Street and pro-war to lead the Democratic caucus

March 26, 2015

CREDO: Leaked TPP chapter confirms our worst fears about disastrous trade agreement

March 6, 2015

Progressives call out Clinton’s KXL conflict of interest: Give back the money

February 26, 2015

CREDO: FCC vote historic victory for Internet users

February 25, 2015

CREDO blasts House Republicans’ attempt to undermine open Internet rules

February 17, 2015

CREDO ramps up activism in opposition to Trans-Pacific Partnership

February 11, 2015

CREDO’s response to KXL vote: Republicans should ask for what they really want

February 11, 2015

CREDO blasts Republicans’ continuous attacks on Social Security

February 9, 2015

Sen. Sanders is on the money: Austerity is the wrong approach for Greece

February 4, 2015

CREDO Mobile applauds Chairman Wheeler’s Net Neutrality proposal

January 29, 2015

CREDO: Keystone XL vote a payback to Big Oil and the Koch Brothers

January 27, 2015

Iran: Senator Menendez BLINKS Under Pressure

January 20, 2015

On Fifth Anniversary of Citizens United, CREDO Calls for Constitutional Amendment

January 9, 2015

Republicans must drop their obsessive Keystone XL fetish

January 9, 2015

Obama must seize his moral responsibility and reject Keystone XL

January 5, 2015

50,000 progressives denounce Rep. Scalise’s racist ties

January 5, 2015

Fracking: CREDO responds to Gov. Brown inaugural address

December 19, 2014

CREDO blasts EPA’s dangerously weak coal ash regulations

December 15, 2014

CREDO praises progressive champions in Congress who led the fight against selling out to Wall Street

December 15, 2014

Dr. Murthy’s confirmation shows NRA can be defeated

November 20, 2014

CREDO Applauds Pres. Obama’s Historic Executive Action on Immigration

November 4, 2014

CREDO Response to Democrats Losing the Senate

October 24, 2014

Breast Cancer Advocates Ramp up Pressure on Susan G. Komen to Cut Ties With Fracking Firm

October 8, 2014

CREDO Releases Latest Transparency Report Detailing Governmental Requests for Customer Information

September 17, 2014

SYRIA VOTE: Progressive Orgs slam House “rush to war,” making “Americans less safe”

September 16, 2014

Progressive Groups Urge Congress to Vote Against Escalating U.S. Military Engagement in Syria and Iraq

August 28, 2014

CREDO applauds NFL Commissioner for doing the right thing

August 1, 2014

NFL’s Tone Deaf Treatment of Women

August 1, 2014

Groups Outraged by NFL Commissioner Goodell’s Defense of Ray Rice’s Two Game Suspension

July 24, 2014

CREDO Releases Quarterly Transparency Report Detailing Governmental Requests for Customer Information

July 24, 2014

Customers Protesting Eden Foods Over Its Attacks on Birth Control

June 30, 2014

CREDO Statement on Hobby Lobby

June 26, 2014

CREDO statement on Supreme Court Ruling Striking Down Buffer Zone Law

June 13, 2014

CREDO Urges President Obama to Oppose Military Intervention in Iraq

May 16, 2014

CREDO Mobile receives perfect score for protecting user data

April 2, 2014

CREDO Statement on Supreme Court’s McCutcheon ruling

February 26, 2014

CREDO’s Statement on the State Department’s Report on Conflict of Interest of Keystone XL Environmental Review

February 12, 2014

CREDO Applauds Leader Pelosi for Opposing Fast Track

February 3, 2014

Activists Hold 270 Vigils Urging President Obama to Reject Keystone XL Following Environmental Review

January 31, 2014

Environmental Groups Release Statements About Pending Environmental Review of Keystone XL

January 31, 2014

Activists Urge President Obama to Reject Keystone XL Pipeline Following Environmental Review

January 17, 2014

CREDO Mobile, SF-based Telecom, Reacts to President Obama’s NSA speech

January 14, 2014

Californians Submit 100,000 Public Comments Opposing Gov. Brown’s Dangerous Fracking Regulations

June 25, 2013

CREDO’s statement on Pres. Obama’s Keystone XL announcement