WINNING TOGETHER We are millions of people taking action for progressive change

Through the best and worst moments of 2017, there was one constant: you. CREDO members never stopped fighting.

We want to say thank you – and share some of the utterly astounding activism you accomplished in 2017. Watch our year in review now:

CREDO members were organizing to resist Trump before 2017 even started, based on four key principles.

  • Protect the people most at risk from the racist, xenophobic, anti-woman and anti-LGBTQ Trump Republican agenda.
  • Resist right-wing efforts to drag our country backward.
  • Defend our nation from the illegitimate Trump regime that has undemocratically seized power.
  • Dream big, even when corporate Democrats want to roll over and surrender.

Protect. Resist. Defend. Dream. That is exactly what you did in 2017. We did not win every fight. We won’t pretend this was our favorite year together. What we did accomplish, however, is worth feeling proud about.



Numbers can never properly tell the tale, but you racked up some pretty amazing numbers.

CREDO members generated more than 38.6 million petition signatures on campaigns so far in 2017. That averages nearly 109,000 signatures each and every day of the year.

You made more than 661,000 phone calls to members of Congress and other campaign targets – an average of more than 1,800 calls each day.


Your victories

CREDO members and our friends in the progressive movement scored some major victories in 2017, even with a racist regime occupying the White House and right-wing corporate allies controlling Congress.

First and foremost was stopping Trumpcare – a fight that is not yet over. We also got white supremacist Steve Bannon out of the White House, kept a racist climate denier out of the USDA and an anti-LGBTQ bigot out of Army leadership, stopped the largest coal export terminal in America and much more.

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Your donations

CREDO customers help fund the resistance through monthly donations to progressive organizations.

This year, CREDO donated more than $1.6 million, as of October 31. That is an average of more than $5,000 per day!

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Your reach

We racked up more than 240 million video views in 2017 with powerful progressive messages, engaging content exposing the Trump regime and livestreams of the grassroots resistance.

In 2017, we had more than 3.7 million Facebook comments, more than 29.6 million reactions and almost 9 million shares for a total Facebook reach of almost 920 million.

You helped to build a powerful social media engine to spread the truth about the Trump administration, lift people’s spirits and find ways to resist and fight back.

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Your impact
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Our Impact in 2018
Together, CREDO members fight for positive change that makes progress possible.
From resisting Trump to pushing Democrats to be bold, CREDO members lead on the issues that matter.
Our 2018 Donations
Progressive change isn’t possible without the amazing work of all the groups fighting for:
That’s why throughout 2018, CREDO Action members voted on which progressive organizations we should donate over $86 million to.