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These days, the House almost never passes good legislation. But thanks to the leadership of two unwavering progressive champions in Congress, Reps. Barbara Lee and Jim McGovern, the House recently got it right in a big way. After receiving more than 2,000 calls in less than 24 hours from CREDO members, the House overwhelmingly passed the Lee/McGovern resolution, a clear statement of opposition to call President Obama not to unilaterally put the American military back in the middle of Iraq’s sectarian civil war. The House has now gone on record against any attempt by the president to unilaterally initiate offensive military operations in Iraq or otherwise escalate our military involvement there. This legislation will help ensure that we as a country don’t heedlessly fall into another intractable war in Iraq.

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Together, CREDO members fight for positive change that makes progress possible.
From fighting for the right to vote to stopping the TPP, CREDO members have led on the issues that matter
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